dissabte, 4 de febrer del 2017

Tuesday, 24th of January 2017

Today has been a great day!!! The pupils from 3rd Grade have received the visit of kids from Petit Estel!!! It's what we call GODFATHERING (Apadrinament).

Primary students show to the little ones how to prepare everything during the process of growing a plant: with the help of some yoghurts, the kids put some soil and then add a seed that will grow in a future.

Tuesday, 17th of January 2017

Today, some of the students pulled up the vegetables from the land and brought them home in order to wash them. Now, they are ready for eating!!! Nyam!!! Periodically, different students will have the chance to bring some vegetables to their home and try natural food!!!

Tuesday, 30th November 2016

Today, some of the students had tho clean up the weeds from he vegetable patch. It is necessary in order no to damage the rest of the vegetables!!! Hard work kids!!!